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Serving Up New Dishes in Restaurant Tycoon 2


Two years ago, I set out to create the greatest sushi restaurant ever on Roblox. My dreams came true when I opened Seedy’s Sushi in Restaurant Tycoon, the wildly popular restaurant-building game from Ultraw. When I saw Restaurant Tycoon 2 was released, I knew I’d be back in the kitchen to strive for success once again.

Open for business!

In Restaurant Tycoon 2, there are fifty new features to make customizing and owning your restaurant even more thrilling. One exciting twist is the addition of a cooking minigame. Now you can be part of the culinary action, chopping, seasoning, and sautéing your way to a perfect dish. Other notable features include an enhanced system for building and placing furniture, several new cuisines to unlock, a business popularity score, and the possibility to expand to a two-story building.

Whipping up some delicious Japanese eats!

You start off as the sole employee of your restaurant, acting as owner, waiter, and chef while also keeping up the appearance and overall star rating of your business. Once you’re financially ready, you can hire chefs and waiters to help you run your restaurant as smoothly as possible.

For the restaurateurs looking to make their businesses as functional and as aesthetically pleasing as possible, there’s the all-new luxury furniture outlet. You can purchase regionally themed decorations and art to pair with your restaurant’s cuisine: a bamboo planter can accent a Japanese eatery, and that pizza wall clock is perfect for an Italian pizzeria. Mix and match the wide selection of furniture options to make your restaurant stand out from the competition!

Shop to your heart’s content at the furniture outlet!

While balancing the satisfaction of your NPC customers, Restaurant Tycoon 2 also offers the challenge of catering to your fellow players in the server. Your popularity score will rise as players rate your business. Entice the city by running a few billboard advertisements and show off photos of the amazing food you and your chefs prepare. You can also team up with other players to build and operate one big restaurant.

If you want to indulge your creative side, you can even create your own specialty dishes to serve in your restaurant. Use a variety of ingredients to make a meal of your own and slot it in your menu. Your customers will appreciate eating a unique dish found only at your location! 

What are you waiting for? Reach for the stars and open the restaurant of your dreams today in Restaurant Tycoon 2, and follow Ultraw on Twitter to keep up with new updates and exclusive codes!


Suiting Up for Action in Bad Business


If you’ve got a penchant for thrills and three-piece suits, you’ll love Bad Businessa sleek first-person multiplayer shooter from Team Rudimentality. Everything about the experience hits just the right note: in terms of look, feel, and replayability, it all strikes a unique balance between action and class.

Even before you’ve had your first match in Bad Business, you have to admire the art style. There’s a wonderfully slick, clean, and stylish look to all of the game’s menus, levels, and assets. The character models are clearly visible against the smooth backgrounds, and thanks to the wide array of dapper jackets, masks, pants, glasses, gear skins, and other accessories, there’s a lot of tasteful fashion on display during every firefight. As they say, there’s no excuse not to look your best.

But there’s a lot more to Bad Business than meets the eye. Like any well-made team-based shooter, Bad Business is good at keeping the action flowing. Each time you spawn in, you’ve got at least a few seconds of safety to get your bearings and find a buddy, but after that, all bets are off. An attack could come from any weapon and any direction, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t stray too far from cover.

There’s a lot of room to pick out your own playstyle in Bad Business. There’s no such thing as “bad” equipment; all of the many pieces of gear in the game have a purpose, and the levels are complex enough that you can take advantage of any range or weakness. If you’ve got an SMG, you’re going to hug corners, crouch behind boxes, and hide in the many little boltholes and niches in the game. If you’ve got a long-range weapon, you’re going to find a high place or patrol the hallways, engaging enemies before they’ve had a chance to notice you. It’s all about finding what you’re best at and picking the tools to match.

If you’re looking for a game with earnable equipment that’s fun right away, Bad Business is good business. You can play it now. For the latest updates, follow the devs on Twitter.


Survey Says Parents and Teens Don’t Discuss Appropriate Online Behavior


When we invested in our Digital Civility Initiative earlier this year, we did so with the goal of providing the Roblox community with the skills needed to create positive online experiences. Parents and caregivers play a key role in achieving this goal, so we committed ourselves to helping them learn more about the quickly changing digital world and how kids and teens behave in this world. That way, they can better understand where and when mentoring or oversight is necessary. 

What’s clear is that kids growing up around technology today don’t distinguish between how they act or what they say online and in the real world. Digital life IS their real life. It makes no difference to them where they hang out with their friends. Simply checking in every day to see how your kids are doing and having conversations about their online world and behavior will help build a trusting and open relationship—meaning, most importantly, that they will come to you and ask for help when they need it. 

We wanted to see if these conversations are actually happening between parents and kids. So, in October, we commissioned a survey via SurveyMonkey of 10,000 people in the U.S., including 3,571 parents of kids aged 7-17 (when kids are likely to already be online, playing and socializing), as well as 580 teens, asking them about their general online experiences. 

Turns out, parents may think they’re talking to their children about appropriate online behavior, but that doesn’t match their kids’ reality. In our survey, 93% of parents say they talk to their kids about appropriate online behavior at least occasionally, but only 39% of teens agree. Conversely, the majority of teens (60%) say they “rarely,” “very rarely,” or “never” discuss this topic with their parents.

Parents who aren’t having conversations with their kids about appropriate online behavior shared assumptions that their kids already know what they’re doing or don’t need such conversations for a multitude of reasons (limited access to internet, no concerns being voiced, etc.). At the same time, parents are convinced their kids would turn to them for help if something bad, like online bullying, happens. Teens, on the other hand, are more likely to report their online bullying concerns to the platform or speak to another adult.

The survey questions got some parents thinking about whether it might be time to engage more:

“I guess it’s because [my son] has not voiced his concerns with regards to this subject. If he showed concerns, I would talk about it with him. Perhaps I need to be proactive.”

Millennial parents are more engaged than others 

The majority of millennial parents (68%) are engaged in their kids’ digital lives, saying they are “very aware” of what their child does online; a lot fewer Gen X and Boomers said the same (48% and 47%, respectively).

Millennial parents are also more likely to play video games with their kids—37% are involved in play compared to 29% of Gen X and 24% of Boomers.

Research shows time and time again that parents who are joining in on their children’s digital world by playing together with them have a unique opportunity to really understand what kids and teens are experiencing online—which in turn also helps to develop open communication and proactively resolve potential issues and concerns from both sides. In our survey, 68% of millennial parents say their kids are “very likely” to turn to them for help (compared to 59% for Gen X and 58% for Boomers who seem to be less confident about that).

How big of a problem is online bullying exactly, and what does it look like for teens who are experiencing it?

October was National Bullying Prevention Month in the U.S., and next week the U.K. will be raising awareness about this issue as part of Anti-Bullying Week. I’m also presenting at the 2019 International Bullying Prevention Conference this week so we wanted to understand how much of a problem online bullying is according to parents and teens.

The vast majority (91%) of parents see it as a problem for young people today, and fewer—but still a majority (77%)—of teens agree. Twenty-two percent of parents shared that their children have personally experienced online bullying, and in the majority of those cases (66%) bullying occurred more than once, and in 47% of cases the bullying was severe. Nearly 1 in 5 (19%) of teens confirmed they’ve personally experienced online bullying in the past 12 months. 

We also asked teens to share what they considered bullying while playing online games. For half of them, making fun of someone in comments is bullying and 42% think it’s calling someone a rude name or encouraging players to target others in a game (Note: the common definition of bullying implies that repeated negative behavior that is intended to make others feel upset, uncomfortable, or unsafe).

This data offers several important insights for parents and caregivers. First of all, if a child comes to you with a problem like online bullying, you need to understand what exactly happened and the severity of the situation. Listen with empathy: if there’s no judgment (no matter what happened), you’re setting a precedent that your door will always be open, which will serve you (and your kids) well in the real world, too. 

A proactive conversationeven if no concerns are being voicedis always best: it gives you an opportunity to prepare kids before they go online and make sure they understand how easy it is for people to say things when they are “behind a screen.” Older kids can also offer great advice to their younger peers—for example, teens in our survey had some words of empowerment for their younger peers who may experience online bullying: “Anonymous strangers can’t hurt you. Block or report them, and if they try to circumvent it, then ignore it,” and “Speak up; don’t be afraid to get help.” 

And some good news, finally

Some encouraging numbers showed us what “nice” actually looks like online: nearly all teens in our survey (96%) say they’re likely to help a friend they see being bullied online. The majority of teens playing online confirmed they get help from other players when they need it at least “sometimes,” with 41% who said “often” and “always.” Looks like many kids already think that it’s cool to be kind, and that’s the trend we love to see. And for parents—these survey results might serve as a great conversation starter. Ask your child today what kind of behaviors they consider to be “cool” or “not cool” when playing online, and you might be really surprised with what you learn!

Methodology: This online poll was commissioned to SurveyMonkey as part of Roblox’s Digital Civility Initiative and conducted October 19-29, 2019 among 10,000 U.S. adults, including 3,571 parents of children age 7-17 (922 of them are millennials) and 580 teens, 430 of whom play online games once a month or more. Respondents for this survey were selected from the more than 2 million people who take surveys on the SurveyMonkey platform each day. Data have been weighted initially for age, race, sex, education, and geography using the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey to reflect the demographic composition of the United States age 13 and over, then weighted for age, race, sex, education, employment status, and geography using Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey to reflect the demographic composition of the United States employed population. Full data can be reviewed here.


Breach: A Game of Hide-and-Go-Slay


If you’ve ever had to try to restore power during a blackout, you’ll know it can be a little frightening. Throw in a bloodthirsty monster bent on hunting you down and you’ve got Breach, a competitive horror game from accelerator developers Dev_Anthony and FierceByte. A chilling instant classic, Breach combines tense head-to-head gameplay with a fantastically frightening atmosphere.

Every game of Breach is a competition between the creature (i.e., a terrifying monster) and a band of humans (i.e., monster food). The humans want to escape; the creature has other plans. Both sides are exciting to play as, but when you’re starting out, it’s easier to be human. You can’t fully grasp the cat-and-mouse gameplay of Breach until you’ve learned to think like a mouse.

As a human, you’ll scramble through the eerie graveyards and abandoned buildings of the game’s sprawling levels in search of fuseboxes. Fix enough of them and you’ll unlock the exit, giving you and your surviving teammates a chance to escape. Simple enough, but definitely not easy. For one thing, the creature will be stalking you the whole time. For another, fixing each fusebox takes care and patience; make a mistake and you’ll set off an alarm, driving the creature to you all the sooner. Playing as a human is a thrilling experience, as the eerie levels make you feel the creature could jump out at any time.

That element of surprise is why it’s so much fun to play as the creature: your prey are always alert, so surprising and outwitting them is a full-time job. It may feel effortless when a skilled creature corners you as a human, but when it’s your turn to stalk the night, you’ll realize how much patience and cunning goes into jumping out at just the right moment. That’s one of the best things about Breach: it’s two games in one, and both have their own fascinating challenges.

Whether you’re looking to test your skill or your courage, Breach is a fantastic competitive horror game. You can play its latest update now and follow its developers, Dev_Anthony and FierceByte, on Twitter.


Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge – Roblox Blog


Mechanics and pilots come to Junker’s Canyon for one reason: to design and race the fastest driftspeeders in the galaxy. If you have what it takes to join them, glory and prizes await you.

Our turbo-charged Galactic Speedway Creator Challenges gives you the tools to create your very own driftspeeder and then take it out onto the racetrack for a test drive. Share your design with friends, race head-to-head with other players, and tweak your craft until it’s the perfect racing machine. By the time you’ve perfected your driftspeeder, you’ll be a master of many important skills you need to start making your own Roblox games. You’ll also have earned exclusive prizes! Complete each chapter in the Creator Challenge through January 6, 2020, to unlock these items from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

When you’ve built the driftspeeder of your dreams, share it on social media using #RobloxCreatorChallenge and #TheRiseofSkywalker so we can show the galaxy what you’ve made.

Your journey begins here:

We can’t wait to see what you create!


How To Enable Dark Theme On Roblox

If you are gaming in low-light settings or late into the night, it’s fair to say that staring at a bright white screen isn’t always an ideal experience. Fortunately, there’s a different option. Dark theme is officially available on our desktop site and now our mobile app!

As Roblox continues to grow and evolve, our design team is hard at work creating a visual identity that is efficient, scalable, and appealing to everyone around the world. We wanted to give users more choice in how they use Roblox, so we set out to develop a new colour system that’s sleek, modern, and looks and feels great on any device. We were thrilled by the excitement that came with dark theme on the website earlier this year, and now it’s finally arrived on mobile. You can toggle it on by following these steps:

  1. Go to your settings page.
  2. In Account Info, scroll down to the Theme drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Dark” to opt in and enable dark theme. 
  4. Select “Light” to switch back to light theme at any time.


Roblox Gameplay Basics

[Applause] Big D stop mom so you know I know the truce is invalid hi guys welcome back to you we’re going to play roblox I’m Barbie basics I’ve never played this but Jake and I have well let’s go yep yeah so we are going to play all these basics in roblox no I don’t know how to play interesting you’re gonna be able to see my screen so here and then there’s mom [Applause] well we can always jump back in the game okay okay guys you probably some of you so okay so what’s happening is that Jake and I are together right now they’re going and finding all these notebooks and Tyus Baldy I have yet to find anybody but I found two notebooks so I’m just like collecting notebooks like boss [Music] Oh notebook okay I don’t know where did you fast to college you can find chocolate and I’m say you can pick up and use against Baldy you can yeah okay so that’s what okay so why is it all read somebody got some so mom and Jake are just running this game I’m chillin and like I’m thinking a suit again I don’t know what’s going on oh this is intense wait so it doesn’t matter you know what to collect no but something where you just got to get out right now do we do touch okay I see a lot of other people going his boat this way so I’m just gonna fall but proud you know well we need to meet up somewhere where do you want to meet Jake Jake and I are having some serious oh okay we didn’t win again no – Rafi going summertime 10 405 anyone all right yeah sure you play again yeah let me play it it’s totally I thought you don’t look straight back okay oh I’m collecting it ah okay that guy’s definitely got to speak for ow okay that’s area where am I okay now it’s on to those books it’s a wrap okay we’re bold Ian’s race racing at the time I’m going to the library because this seems like a good idea to meet noise no noise keep quiet in the library guys how do I get out but this is a not so good idea it’s pretty boring there’s an exit on the exit what if I want to exit let me you know you have to personally get all seven notebooks to win oh oh so if it turns right you have to keep getting the notebook oh so you can’t just escape and win yeah sure it how do we turn out of the chat I just talk word it well I’m collecting it here’s a shiny quarter here’s what shiny corner wait the wall for dodge I found in there the notebook the wallet just reappeared that’s crazy okay so and a shiny quarter Oh mr. B is literally jumped you guys short coats pretty good I don’t know where to go boldly just me and got tied I just thought I’m gonna get caught by Baldy Baldy okay nothing and I got six notebooks that you Scott go Jake I think my exit hopefully will come down this way and I get to you oh yeah I’m going to clip it so look first I can’t do what uh what’s going on with Jake is ready Jake is like Pro pro well this is a bug there’s bugs no teaching middle books gotta find the notebooks oh yeah who is who right now Oh students every momma used to get students to OneNote and is unit as well so we’re all students I found a notebook me too all right yes – no well mom is renting this game yeah yeah uh I might go out let’s go oh good time focus not to me [Music] 3:07 yeah two out of seven tie got eliminated by Baldy so it’s down to the three of us we won’t win Oh times back in I got fun notebooks I can jump okay let’s go how many times it’s a joke no love my time how much exercise ringing do cute Oh [Applause] [Music] there I got six notebooks he’s gonna probably win the game okay everybody’s my play time I’m just gonna chill until the game ends and someone’s gonna end hey guys I’m gonna become Baldy next round okay so this is the very last round I’m gonna try and beat Baldy but I don’t want spinning around I’m gonna beat this person look let’s go let’s go be Bobby oh my god Bobby know Tyler’s became it before you buy my ball so tires balding again but I said I’m just staring into baldies eyes huh hey you guys let’s all be honest truce so since you’re bendy and ties Bobby we can just win yeah let’s do it let’s break this game bring it let’s do it okay everybody else tight don’t come after us okay I see no tie dogs don’t get bathra scissors nine seconds eight three two I guess scissors yay so if I get way that’s like yeah so this is basically if playtime comes up to you you can use scissors to cut the rope oh my gosh it’s the drummer boy [Music] but got one notebook guys are making progress my family in the lead like a boss no okay you know are you stuck in a bear trap I set their traps old now zero people have two notebooks I gently with a time that also being pushed fence wisher oh my gosh toons balding run run what is this everyone the person that does a bear crap yes please don’t get me please why they’re doing so slow now let’s go fruity why can’t move this I’m like walking so do your traps I’m what that’s annoying to me well you know just be walking that way yeah yeah it’s not oh it’s you guys I’m just gonna get 7 plus trees I’m stepmonster I was like 4 come on what country I should know to never trust my brothers they are going to turn their back on me in any game I swear do you okay guys do not come after us it’s the truce okay yeah you see us we be in a truce okay um you got it Jake tight we’re gonna truth right mom so you know I know the trance is invalid that’s why I got to people know there’s so many traps I feel like Jake’s in it oh my gosh there’s Jake goes the other way boy go the other way don’t stay in that closet room stay in school I’m just gonna stay next to the drummer boy but no I can’t place any more down ah the boys are completely cut they’re like coming out for me I’m so scared [Applause] [Applause] okay mom is on the breath of the boy and play along so we all lost again except I guess Jake and I already so that is it for this video if you want to see more of roblox what should we play in roblox we have fun playing with you guys sorry if we don’t chat too much mother when life is stressful yeah people and chat and do all that I Lauren Plains yeah but we love playing with you comment down below what you want us to play next in roblox thank you guys for watching make sure to LIKE subscribe and share and make today an adventure we’ll see y’all next time [Applause] [Music]

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What is Roblox?

Roblox is the type of game that always brings in front of unique mechanics and fun experiences for you to enjoy. It enables you to have a lot of fun as you create new worlds and enter a place where everything is generated by users. The most likeable thing about Roblox is obviously its community, but the game does an excellent job at bringing in a very distinct and fun approach towards gaming. It’s simple, fun and it always tries to offer you some new and imaginative ways to play.

This is a very addicting game in which you could invite all your friends and then play together, talk to each other throughout the play and this game is providing the player with badges that could be awarded and this will improve the whole gaming experience. As a player, you need to have the freedom to make your virtual character in the virtual world which is full of exciting trinkets such as clothing, hats, gears, various body shapes and head and many more.

This is a game that works very well for kids, mainly because it enables them to make new friends and have fun as they see fit. The experience is extremely fun all the time, and the fact that you can enjoy the fun without a problem does showcase just how good Roblox gets to be.

Why should you play Roblox?

The thing you will love about Roblox is that the game is designed to be an open field for any player. You aren’t guided to play in any way here. What you can do is to choose your own way of playing the game and that’s certainly a very fun, unique aspect offered by the game. It enables you to have a say and your own choices as you play, which is exactly the type of experience that you may need all the time.

The gameplay is fun, immersive and it’s also created with a focus on sharing the experience with others. Yes, you do need to enjoy the game with other people if you are looking for a sheer multiplayer experience. But since the community is so friendly, you can also try and find some other people that share your interests and play with them as you see fit. That alone shows the unique characteristics of the game and it just brings in front that unique creative appeal that you always wanted.

You should definitely play Roblox because it’s fun, and it doesn’t limit your creativity at all. The game is very creative, it has a true focus on enjoying everything your own way, and it doesn’t come with any limits. Instead, it makes it easy for each player to express himself and have fun in a game world that’s massive, yet cleverly put together to offer one of the best and most interesting gaming ideas that you can find out there.

Then there’s the fact that you can play Roblox anywhere you want without any issue. The game is available on just about all kinds of platforms, so you won’t have a problem playing it on mobile, console or even your PC. It’s great to have the liberty of playing the game on any device, and the fact that you can continue where you left off on the other device is certainly very rewarding for a lot of people.

Of course, Roblox does come with its own set of challenges. You have robux in the game, a tool that you can use in order to acquire special and important items that may help you improve the way you play. Something like this is common when it appears, but it really goes to show that the gameplay just gets better and better as you go along with it.

Each time you play Roblox you are the person in charge. You can go left and right, you can play creations from other people or you can have fun as you enjoy the gameplay in a fun and delightful way. Just consider giving it a shot and you are bound to see how immersive the experience can become in the end.

Robux in Roblox?

Free Robux Generator

You can choose to play the game free of charge and there will not be any issues with it. The idea here is that if you want to play with all the features and enjoy some of the extras, you will need that robux. And they are not cheap, which is exactly why you want to enjoy the experience and have fun the best way you can. It really goes to show that Roblox is a clever game that offers people a nice way to enjoy the gameplay no matter if they want to pay or not.

And yes, it’s a fair point to offer Roblox for everyone, but obviously, if you want to access everything in here, you will need to pay. Which is not a bad thing, but there are no limits in regards to how much you need to pay, so there can be some danger here. You need to control yourself as you invest money in this game, as Roblox can become very expensive if you play for a very long time. As long as you do that and you will enjoy the game, results will end up being more than ok.


How often should you play Roblox?

There are lots of players that enjoy Roblox at least a few times per day. That alone goes to show the sheer magnitude of the experience and it brings in front a rewarding and fun way of playing the game. But since this is an open ended title, you can choose to play it as much or as little as you want. And as we mentioned earlier, you can go to a new device and enjoy the game from where you left off. That makes the experience a lot better and more fun than you imagined, which is exactly what you should expect from a game like this.

It can take a bit of time to play Roblox the way you want, but it’s certainly a very good idea to try it out and enjoy it as you want. You will not have a problem playing this if you enjoy the experience and have a good time with it, that all comes down to how diverse and exciting the experience gets to be in the end.

One thing is certain, each time you play Roblox, your gameplay will be different. The focus is on creating a wonderful and delightful way of enjoying the experience as you seem fit. It’s not going to be a breeze at first, mainly because the game is always focused on creativity and it tries to offer you a delightful new way of enjoying everything. But it’s a ton of fun to play this, and the reality is that the game only manages to get better all the time as you try to play it.

That’s maybe the major advantage of the game, the fact that you can and will be able to enjoy it with a great new perspective all the time. Plus, you get to have your own creations inside the game and you can manage as well as control everything in any way you want. That alone gets to be incredibly rewarding and exciting, a lot more than many situations that you can find in this title.

Should you use the Free Robux Generator?

We wanted to make sure that you don’t hunt for robux all the time in the game. There is a much simpler way of getting all the free robuxyou need, and that is via the Free Robux Generator that we offer on this page.

The idea is that the Generator is designed to offer you access to the stuff you want in just a few seconds. That gets to be very exciting, but it also enables you to have a lot of creativity as you go along, so try to enjoy it as you play at all times.

This tool is designed with the idea of being undetectable, so even if you add robux to your account, the servers will not notice anything. We wanted to offer this stealth approach because it makes the game much better than you would imagine, and it also provides a great new perspective for you when you want to enjoy Roblox.

It’s also a social experience and one that you will like because you can have fun and maybe even offer some gifts to the community if you so want. That’s the true spirit of Roblox, the idea of offering others a great way of playing the game without any challenges or hassle attached to it. Yes, it can be a bit tricky to play the game at first, but it’s the wonderful experience and the wide range of challenges that come from not having robux can spoil the way you play. Thankfully, Roblox is really good and with our robux Free Robux Generator, it can become even better. Just consider trying it out and you will certainly love it!