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World’s Craziest Donut Factory Tycoon In Roblox!

Oh look he’s up. You’re trying to shoot me with his tiny pleby sword. You know what we’re gonna fight. It’s time to You’re probably wondering why my outfit is so gorgeous today you’re like funneh What’s with the donut shirt the donut scarf and the donut hat well I have something to say you guys have been Recommending me to play a donut Tycoon for a while now, and I think it’s finally the day we go open up our own Donut factory come on mr.. Llama. Let’s go okay, so this is our I guess where our factory is if I could get off my llama llama release me I have a factory to claim you guys. I’m so sorry get off this. This is not good. This is not good We can’t get over a llama. I’m trying to press backspace is not working okay You know what we’re just gonna touch the claim first Just just touch to claim there now that this Factory is officially ours We can start making donuts for free we got this amazing Giant donut maker right here. Where makes it makes small pleby donuts. Okay? I thought these would actually be bigger It’s kind of sad. They’re so tiny they’re the tiniest doughnuts ever I wonder how much I get per Donuts Let’s see it is three dollars per donut pretty boring well guys for these original pink Donuts There are three actually oh, my god someone has a gun dude. Don’t shoot. Don’t what why Hey, I think he’s trying to murder me Are you trying to murder me? This is awkward, so it turns out this guy’s definitely trying to murder me, so we’re gonna sneak into his hears tak Koon Hopefully he didn’t lock the door so he could steal somewhere else okay now We have some weapons so we can murder him back. I didn’t know donut tycoon would be this some This crazy always trying to lock oh now. He wants to murder me, okay He’s locking us in here so he can murder us dude. I have a donut factory to run I don’t know. I don’t that time to play this with you. Oh, so he’s trapping me in here. It’s okay We’ll grab some of this. We’ll grab his swag We’ll reload this gun and we’re gonna go out and murder him for trying to take over our factory Yeah, you got dude here here here. We are murdering him your memory. We have killed that scary guy now We are heading all the way back to our factory We need to get rich fast because we don’t want this guy to murder us. I’m pretty sure he’s triggered He’s like that little he’s like that little pleb has murdered me, so let’s get a mint donut dropper What does this do actually we get a whole bunch of droppers, and it looks like they drop? Giant donut it drops giant donut, so now that looks super delicious look at that purple donut I would totally eat this donut imagine a donut that was bigger than your face, and you eat it It’s delicious all right, so let’s collect some more cash and we are going to buy a creamy donut dropper for 150 What does that even mean is that like vanilla? Creamy donut dropper here. We go. What is this? I think it just drops vanilla donuts. That is pretty cool I think it’s a chocolate with vanilla That’s cool. Now. We’re going to cheat the system because that guy over there is trying to murder me So we’re gonna spend some robux to get five times the cash Looks and how much money we’re getting from five times the cash we can also get two more look at how much money We are making now guys. This is so much money now. We could buy Strawberry and what is this chocolate icing? I think that’s all okay, so now that we have one two got five different flavors dropping now We got these chocolate. I mean square cubes thing I don’t think they’re that appetizing, but that will do buying our second conveyor belt I don’t know what it really does, but we could buy all this stuff. We’re just gonna run over it. Oh wait We can’t with two Broke. We can buy a blue Strawberry carpet giver. I think that’s a carpet. Yes a magical carpet our factory is looking good so far and hopefully Hopefully this person does not murder us. Please be nice. Oh, okay Dude, don’t murder me here I don’t think he wants to murder us, but we gotta get him out of our factory come on get-get sorry We’re gonna go buy a door. I think now It’s really important that we buy some walls for our tycoon So people cannot sneak in and murder us once again You see that guy over there cannot sneak in murder me with his unicorn sword And we’re also going to buy an owner door, and we’re going to unlock it No, we’re gonna lock – here we go buy some windows for our place I really like the multiplier on our money is making this tycoon really easy for us. Let’s upgrade the walls I had no clue what that did I think it adds some finishing finished the walls here. We go we can’t finish the walls now Beautiful oh my god. Oh my God. He’s back. He’s back He murdered me. He murdered me in my own factory. We need to buy a roof. He is back. Hey you Can’t use that as your shield. That’s cheating This guy looks really confused. Honestly. We’re going to buy a rainbow sword giver so we can murder him as you Where are you? Oh look? He’s up. You trying to shoot me with his tiny Pleby sword you know what we’re gonna fight. It’s time to – Now we can upgrade our strawberry upgrade or whatever that means we can buy it now Turning everything I guess into strawberry I think it puts like an aroma over everything and we can also get the dantdm donut dropper Donuts made out of diamonds. They should be they should cost a lot actually drop a donut I want to see how beautiful it is it’s taking a while oh That is actually a really cool donut all right, so let’s get a dantdm Donut oh, my god. It’s getting so expensive. I cannot afford this we’re going to upgrade Oh, so we get to we get a little small one and a giant one that is very cool Now that we got some more moneyz we should buy some extended conveyor belt so we can make more money over here I Think more donuts drop from here. We could also get a giant donut dropper for $5,000 let’s buy it the new base back in Trent who murdered me He’s trying to murder me You go you ready for you guys you ready to see me buy a giant donut dropper these donuts must be super jig enormous What is this does it drop giant Donuts the best thing of all time? I mean why did I buy if it doesn’t drop giant Donuts? Let’s see we can go back here It looks like it does absolutely nothing That’s kind of sad Never mind guys it actually drops Donuts, but it is dropping right here look at this look at this sadness We’re not even gonna get paid for any of these Donuts because they’re supposed to come out of this thingy But they are just falling straight down What a waste of money, No so sad funneh’s donut factory is looking great so far We got amazing droppers right here, but we are missing a second floor. You know What is a factory without a second floor of beautifulness? We can also buy stairs to our second floor this tycoon knows how to make money. That’s for sure buying stairs to our second floor we got some modern strawberry frosted stairs and up here we got another conveyor belt for $10,000 we actually need to put a roof on this place so people can stop coming in here and murdering me Let’s see how much money we have accumulated technically one minute. We make a lot of moolah This is the best game ever while we wait for our money to accumulate I think I should buy one of these donut crates. They look very interesting, so we’re gonna grab one guys We got ourselves this donut crate. It looks like as a roblox gift card. We got to open it and it comes with a katana So we wasted seventy-five robuxs this Okay, I’ll take it. I’ll take it guys. We got this super rare hat and we have this Super scary knife so whoever comes in here oh woahh Whoever comes in here. I’m gonna totally murder them. That’s actually really neat. We’re gonna take this off I have no clue how to remove this um hoodie, but it looks fine to me $6,000 let’s go upgrade our upstairs the more Donuts We have the merrier look at this sadness the sprinkles are getting thrown down and the giant Donuts are still in The Floyd we have waited over five minutes for all of our monies to come in and some doughnuts are falling out meaning We don’t get paid for them, but that is totally okay because now that we have 63 grand we can really do some work on our Factory. I think I think we have the nicest factory so far Oh wait
Nevermind that guy has a roof his is more beautiful than mine time to put a conveyor belt all the way up here We can buy a dropper for it more droppers come on I’m just gonna press them all we’re just gonna press them all cuz we can we can also buy an upgrade er a Strawberry donut another danTDM donut dropper and this one. This is our last donut dropper It looks like they are getting dropped from here Let’s pretend being a donut for a second we get um frosting upgrades whatever upgrade this is More Donuts drop in from the sky another donut stuck rip this game Another donut stuck really hey, I’m getting ripped off from these upgrades. I’m upgrading these and look Look at this. They’re getting stuck. It’s getting stuck here, and it’s getting stuck here and some are just pooping on the floor I’ve just purchased third floor for $12,000 this is the last floor of our amazing factory never mind. I’m not the best factory I just looked over to my right and that person has a gorgeous factory. I’m gonna go murder them. Just kidding I will not I will never do that so it looks like third floor has a lot of hats This is our hat place where we buy random cool hats. We got a hoverboard a donut moped oh my god the upstairs is so cool, and we could buy a path up it for $10,000 Wow, what a waste of money We got a donut emojis this it’s just just us up so this is just our upstairs But we can upgrade our walls for 12 grand Wow, how beautiful Let’s buy some more walls and some more walls Poop were broke as I was saying we’re gonna upgrade our walls until we got a roof to protect us from the evil There we go now no one can sneak into our Factory and murder us in cold blood They just can’t come in and kill me. Let’s see what else we can buying here. We could buy a random hat for $5,000 oh it’s one of these hats except my hat looks a little cooler. We could also get another random head and Another random hat what is a donut zom-? This is a donut zombie? I mean we kind of look alike all yes. I am now a zombie taken over a zombie factory. We can be a baker for $15,000 oh my god, I gotta love this. Oh, it doesn’t come with the tray though that’s kind of sad we can also be – Don’t think a gingerbread man would like to own this factory since we’re gonna cook them up and eat them But we can also be a gingerbread man. How lovely this is a very cool game. We could get ourselves a hoverboard You know what we’re gonna buy all these ready for this epicness a boom boom and boom That was so cool rainbow unicorn $8,000 we’re gonna try all of these vehicles right now wait we’re still missing a rainbow blaster. That’s totally okay We got this moped. It is a donut moped you get to eat donuts while driving. I will take that as a win That’s probably one of my favorites We got a unicorn oh oh How magical that is a very magical unicorn we can also go on a hoverboard the hip? coolest thing ever Ooo I’m gonna be honest here guys. I don’t know how to use this hoverboard I keep running into these walls waiting to get off the hoverboard. Let’s go Um let’s use our – What is this this is a this is a snowboard we could click to drop it and We can click to drop the board, but it doesn’t seem like it’s working very cool. Let’s buy our last gadgets an 8-bit sword Which you can murder someone with it looks like a Minecraft sword. That’s pretty cool and a rainbow blaster. Ooo This is a cool guide. I think it shoots. Yeah it shoots rainbows. We got purple and all of that cool stuff I feel like this is all we can do with the upstairs sadly we can’t upgrade it anymore Oh, we could buy a motorcycle. I’ll take that I’ll take that as a win, and this is our last upgrade a Motorcycle now buff woman chef can drive off to victory Just kidding we can’t drive off to victory yet guys. We still need to upgrade our factory. I just pushed my Donuts off I’m so sorry buy golden roped What is the golden roped Oh? A scooter that is a weird term for a scooter. I like it though. I like it we did it guys we hit $100,000 in our donut factory. We can collect this money and finish the rest of the upgrades now Let’s see our donut factory is looking pretty good. We have our upgraders our dead donuts our Thingy that makes them have more moneyz we got the droppers over here And I think we are pretty much done this downstairs our Downstairs is looking pretty pretty good I feel like we upgraded just about everything I feel like this floor is not upgraded yet welcome to our complete Funneh donut factory you guys we have bought every single upgrade There’s nothing in here that isn’t upgraded. It is time to show you my donut factory Okay So this is where the donuts are being made as you can see we’re getting mass mass delicious amount of donuts equaling tons of Moneyz – this is our base floor We got Springs here for the guests to come in you know bounce around have fun in our donut factory We don’t want anyone to be sad in here. We got machine guns near the windows gum We got machine guns near the windows I don’t know why we’re gonna keep walking And I will show you the best place one of my favorite places in my donut factory now We’re gonna walk up to the second floor, and here is where donuts usually get jams all we gotta Do is take a stick and we just poke it a little bit just a little bit to make them fall all the way down Sometimes it doesn’t work though. I’ll show you my favorite floor of them all This is still our money for second floor money for third floor fun floor We got this this is where I become super buff I become the buffest donut person of them all we got some cool hats appear we could be zombie, a gingerbread man or a donut man, which Or a chef. This is one of my favorite. I lost my face We also have the vehicle area and that is practical yet guys. This is our. Fully upgraded donut factory I hope you guys enjoyed this episode Of roblox donut Tycoon if you did make sure to smash the like button down below for more don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and Now I am going to go deliver some donuts to my fellow neighbors Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you guys all in the next one good. Bye

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Here we are guys pot of gold oh this real luxury Hey guys welcome back to the channel today We are very boogie (oof) because we are in the luxury elevator of roblox. Uh Oh, the elevator is falling! That’s not a good sign Thank you that was stressful for a second okay, can we just get out of here for one please nor WAIT! Not working cut ring the bell Funneh is just going higher. Oh It looks like an Server control room. Why is there so many graphics cards here a bunch of Titans give me gimme? No. I’m joking this is a YouTube I Think this is the guy from big hero 6 houses oh But luxurious can we take some of these graphic cards back to the elevator come on guys figure? Let’s just let’s just kick them in took some work Well you better get in before it closes guys wait Too late Google knows everything Namjoo floor 90 Went why isn’t this thing stopping? Why do we keep going up? It’s just skipping floors Ok the flashlight, I will go first. Okay Drac. Oh wait. How do you have the flashlight? Did you buy what I’m scared? I found it on the floor Are you sure it’s safe going down this? Yeah, it’s fine. We have to go two for one remember. Oh yeah, that’s right. Oh elevator, bro What kind of luxury elevator that breaks down? That’s true it the elevator is made out of gold and it breaks down? But actually scared me why would you do that? All these stairs what’s wrong with us, I told you something was up Get away from the door Is this is this actually a luxury elevators just the horn as a video very web series, this is the scary elevator It what is that oh Oh, oh, oh, we’re safe, it’s all good. It’s all good. I’ll just be back in alright Luna since yet the balloon, and you could possibly float we’re gonna let you stand right here and then we’re gonna let Drago stand right here and Then Gold’s gonna be right here, and I’ll be all the way in the back so if anything happens I’ll be super safe. Are you making a human shield? Obviously, I’m not and we just stand right there rainbow Robox takes away the day that ticks were removed from roblox What happened Nine years ago Eric Castle John flat. They have a new virtual new concept the tip okay It’s going this is going way too fast. You know what this is actually luxurious but boring We have came a long way, and I think they’re talking about how tix is now gone and now it’s robux Dicks is on fire. Oh look at the robot. He’s got he’s like mwah-ha roebucks forever Well, that was our first floor. That was actually like you know a luxury elevator type theme you know something that we were looking for It was actually very dark So we’re gonna do the same thing guys I want you to line it for choking. Okay this time. I will go first What is the number we are landing on? Your right why is it there water getting shot down kind of luxury elevator doesn’t have a sprinkler system? As you can see the walls are made out of pure Gold meaning we water who cares pretty gold elevator buns It looks like the Minecraft sponge texture level 175 Oh It’s the luxury vacation home okay careful luxury finish this luxury obby Very luxurious. I wish there was more gold for this one, but there is Not oh, this wouldn’t the end you guys gold’ gold. Okay? Let’s see boom boom and butter ping a Statue big is that but a big a block see oh no. I was racing with Jack oh No Well at the end there was a block see why no You already have one. You don’t need that yeah, we didn’t need that even though Luxury I want to see a room that is just filled with a gold like I just want to see it oh, why 91 it’s a Snoop Dogg is he just dancing He’s just a dancer lamb how he’s just chillin. This is luxury at its finest everyone five stars Can we all danced like this? VIP concert We are dancing with a snoop yeah Technically this would be a VIP concert because you always heard of people getting front-row seats, but have you ever got a front-row elevator before? Yeah, makes you really think about life, and how much gold do you need to get that 207? Just yelled at us, thank you, thank you, John Cena Meanwhile let’s go to the shop and buy ourselves some coca-cola Oh, it’s fun escape okay up I got scared for as I was like whatever. I will leave okay. We need to concentrate all fire Hurry it’s too late update we don’t know what’s out there, but rainbow. Can you please win? This is it realistic Coming through these bars ignore me. Okay. It’s the gold elevator. Okay. Just ignore me I’m going to buy a pot of gold and I also need a midget spinner But I wish it was made out of gold do we are guys pot of gold? How much for the chicken though, oh wait, it’s too late, we are in 400 taco rain Wait special taco It’s just a special taco that I can hold in my hand and show off and be like ah look out luxurious a.m. Or luxurious I am I got the special Wow? Money monies for all okay, you know what we’re gonna see what this does because it’s a rusty torch oh Oh the fan guys fighting This is a grave the triptychs Bunny sprinkle sprinkle take you will be remembered the free robux currency Yeah, I just throw some gold coins around tips is there anything else around this map. That’s all oh wait There’s this in the beginning. Oh my gosh. Is that long dialogue I? Got a ticks bag. I think it was from that thing yeah We’ll give you all our money Susan watch it takes Why does she want my teeth? Okay, so that was definitely something scary. This is a scary crazy bunny Elevator is this Snoop Dogg again. What is that? potato Potato think it’s and It’s a lonesome potato a Tragic story behind the lonesome potato was the farmer told all the other potatoes except that one and now it’s stuck in the endless void Was white You guys, I’m still up here way up there most importantly. Are you okay? But what are you guys talking about are you stuck yeah? What happens when you put all the fidgets spinners together let’s try minimun? Oh? Luna going doorway I should have knew that was that NIEM the means seven Yeah, we are in portal we get out of here. Oh wait they’re watching us on cameras. We’re experiments then we get a portal gun Sadly no 307 is this a regular yeah, what’s the meaning of this is this where admin commands is held okay? Let’s go look over here. Is this just a Lego Playhouse do I get admin commands we have no admin command Clearly it does not work or maybe I put it in wrong, but this is just a regular old Lego house Oh he’s a Mad Chef Ramsay. He clearly makes a lot Let’s never return to level three two three again, there’s a crazy guy in there I don’t know why he was so angry, maybe because you ate his gross sandwich like a sandwich Hey, that’s not my body type new track oh hey other dracco, so do you like Nope not going nope he’s gonna chill here with our friend Rocco. Yep You can’t scare us this time it you can scare this other drakul get out get Out you are put here for a reason and that’s to be think He’s trying to get back in the elevator, that’s so sad look it was like no Drago You push them out Of this flashlight Okay, so the Drago cone is standing right there. It is going to come up any minute now Elijah figuring, okay? Where’s e hello, you came up last time it I don’t know where you are He doesn’t care Drac oh he doesn’t care Oh He’s back Drago you can avoid your twin, okay, look at him he swagged up Three eight two I see nothing. Yep are we Invisible floor yep. That was a bad idea look at that Jesus what are you guys that is all for luxury elevator if you did enjoy it make sure to Fancy smash the like button down below don’t forget to subscribe to join the crew And thank you so much for watching and Zoe we’ll see you guys out of the next one bye guys (SUB 2 ME TO PLEASE)

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