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The Mobile Avatar Editor Gets a Makeover


Customizing your appearance and browsing the Avatar Shop is now more seamless than ever, thanks to the newly redesigned avatar editor experience for mobile devices. We took everything you already love about the avatar editor and made it sleeker, faster, and even easier to use so you can jump right back into the action and play some of your favorite games with the look you want, whenever you want it.

Say hello to the new avatar editor

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been experimenting with a fresh look and feel for the mobile avatar editor with a subset of our community. The results have been fantastic, and we’re now ready to roll out the redesign to everyone on iOS and Android mobile devices. Go ahead—load up the Roblox app on your phone or tablet and start playing around with the new avatar editor! While the functionality is more or less the same as before, we think you’ll enjoy the changes we’ve made, including:

    • A New Look and Feel: We’ve reimagined what a “modern” avatar editor looks like on Roblox. It’s better organized, it’s smoother, and it includes support for light and dark themes. 
    • Create and Save Costumes: You can now save your favorite costumes under the “Characters” tab. With just a few taps, you’ll be able to switch outfits on the fly depending on your mood. 
    • Intuitive Body Style Controls: The “Body Type” and “Body Size” controls have also gotten a refresh. It’s now easier to tell at a glance what modifications you’re making to your avatar.

Get instant access to the Avatar Shop

As you well know, the Avatar Shop is home to a mind-blowingly diverse array of shirts, pants, accessories, faces, bundles, emotes, and gear—and it’s only continuing to expand. One of the biggest opportunities we have now is coming up with an elegant way to show off all of these cool items so players can quickly and easily find the ones they like, try them on, and purchase them if they so choose.

With today’s update, we’ve made it so the Avatar Shop is now fully integrated with the mobile avatar editor. That means things like automatically equipping an item after purchasing it, recommending items based on what your avatar is currently wearing, and seamless “try on” are now possible. From the avatar editor, simply tap the shopping bag icon on the top right to be immediately taken to the Avatar Shop. 

We’re excited to launch this new update, and we hope you’ll find the refreshed design and these changes useful as you continue to explore the full range of customization options on Roblox. No matter the device, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find the items you want to wear. Stay tuned for more updates.

To download our mobile app, visit the iOS, Amazon, or Google Play app stores today.


2019 Year-in-Review – Roblox Blog


Dear Robloxians,

These past twelve months have been transformative. We started 2019 with a set of audacious goals, but the efforts and achievements of our teams at Roblox HQ and the wider Roblox community have surpassed even our greatest expectations. Not only did we achieve record monthly numbers of more than a billion hours of engagement, but we also crossed the 100 million monthly active users mark. To each and every one of our fans around the world, I am grateful for your continued passion and support.

Our Vision

I’d like to touch upon a few key highlights from 2019—but first, allow me to say thank you for believing in our vision to bring the world together through play. Building this platform has presented an enormous opportunity to connect people in a way that’s never been done before. We see a future where people from all over the world are coming to Roblox not just to play, but to create, learn, and work together.

Inside the Roblox HQ

As we usher in this new category we call human co-experience, we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible. Our continued success will depend on our ability to innovate, to listen to the needs of our community, and to hire hundreds of values-aligned people who share our aspirations. In 2019, we hired over 200 people to accelerate our vision and make our platform even better. Given our upward momentum, I’m optimistic about our prospects in 2020 and beyond. The best is yet to come.

The Roblox Team

Roblox Around the World

It was a standout year for our international efforts. I’m proud to announce that we opened our first office in Shenzhen to spearhead our business initiatives in China. We partnered with Tencent—one of the top online gaming companies and media platforms in the world—to inspire the next generation of creators in China to learn coding, digital citizenship, game design, and entrepreneurial skills on Roblox.

Together with Tencent, we launched a series of youth-oriented education programs to fuel the creativity and imagination of Chinese students. It’s always been a dream of ours to connect people from China to North America to Europe through the power of digital play, so this is an exciting leap toward that vision.

Introducing our official Chinese logo and name, 罗布乐思.

In addition to our partnership, we launched official support for French and German, expanded our cloud localization tools to support 45 languages, and localized 150 top Roblox experiences in Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, and Japanese. Ultimately we believe that creators should be able to run their experiences on every platform and have them translated seamlessly into any language they desire. In the future, this will be made possible through machine translation, automatic crowd-sourced translation, or a combination of the two. As our translation toolset gets better and better, we can start to envision a world where creators from China, Korea, and Japan are working together and forming friendships with Americans or Europeans. It’s going to be really exciting to see more and more experiences on Roblox made by multicultural teams.

More Immersive, More Expansive Experiences

Our developer community continues to set the bar higher and higher each and every year. There was a time when it was almost inconceivable to imagine we’d ever have over 100,000 concurrent players on Roblox. In 2019, we saw more and more experiences surpass that threshold on their own, including Adopt Me, Ninja Legends, MeepCity, Royale High, Saber Simulator, Pet Simulator 2, and Welcome to Bloxburg. I’d also like to congratulate Adopt Me, Royale High, Welcome to Bloxburg, Prison Life, Flee the Facility, and Super Hero Tycoon for crossing the one billion visits milestone in 2019.

It’s always a pleasure to meet with so many promising creators from around the world at the Roblox Developers Conference. At this year’s event, we doubled down on our commitment to investing in their success and ensuring they have the tools to produce experiences that are constantly pushing the envelope on immersive gameplay. With multi-hundred player servers, new and innovative advancements in our physics engine and lighting and rendering systems, new terrain tools, and powerful analytics services like PlayFab, we are enabling developers to create worlds and experiences unlike anything you’ve seen. And, with our new collaborative editing tools, we’ve unlocked the potential for the first hundred-person studio on Roblox. The future has never looked more promising for Roblox creators.

2019 Roblox Developers Conference

Setting a New Standard

It blows my mind seeing how much our product has evolved over the course of the year. We have a new dark theme, a new avatar editor on mobile, new emotes, a new Premium subscription to replace Builders Club, and hundreds of amazing user-created accessories that look beyond anything we could have imagined. We are moving toward a future where everything you see on Roblox will have been made by someone from the community. Kudos to the artists who contributed such stellar works to our Rthro Design Contests, as well as the 3D modelers who have brought so much creativity, diversity, and personality to the Avatar Shop. The power of user-generated content never fails to astonish us.

What an incredible year it’s been for our partnerships as well. More and more brands across the world are recognizing the power of digital play, from media and entertainment giants like Netflix, WB, Disney, and WWE to big players in the sports industry including Nike, NFL, FC Barcelona, and Liverpool FC.

Our Brand Partners in 2019

We also continue to see great success in the app stores. Roblox was the #1 most downloaded free iPad app in the world. Roblox has also been the #1 free family game on Google Play and one of the top free games on Xbox One for the past three years running, which is an enormous testament to the enduring popularity of the many high-quality experiences created by our talented developer community.

Leading the Way in Digital Civility

Our work is never complete when it comes to digital civility. Over the course of 2019, we made it our goal to educate parents, guardians, and teachers about the power of play. We created a new Parent’s Guide and Digital Well-Being section on our website; participated in a number of speaking opportunities at Collision, Web Summit, ISTE, Games for Change, Fast Company Innovation Festival, IBPA, and FOSI Annual Conference; launched a Roblox Civility page on Facebook to distribute content about online safety and digital well-being; and shared the results from our digital civility survey about the divide between parents and teens when talking about appropriate online behavior.

We will continue to actively engage with parents and safety organizations around the world to provide a safe, positive space where kids and teens can play and be free to explore their imaginations.

Roblox Merchandise and Gift Cards

Our licensing programs continue to perform extremely well, which speaks to the widespread recognition and popularity of the many iconic characters and experiences created by our creator community. We launched over 200 toys; released four new books; and collaborated with community creators to release branded apparel based on popular Roblox experiences on our refreshed Amazon page.

Our gift card business has also been expanding rapidly—not just in the United States, but around the world. By 2020 we’ll have grown our footprint from a presence in only 45 retailers in 10 countries to over 180 retailers in over 16 countries. We’ve also launched our digital gift cards on in the U.S. with plans to expand to 6 additional countries soon. Keep an eye out for our new gift card look in 2020.

Thank You for a Great Year

My optimism for the future is fueled by the dedication of our player community, the creativity of our developer community, and the passion of the great people who work at Roblox. From the bottom of my heart, I offer my sincere thanks for making 2019 one of the best and most fulfilling years we’ve had so far at Roblox. I have a feeling that 2020 is going to be even bigger and better than ever.

Wishing you a happy new year,

David Baszucki (a.k.a. Builderman)
Founder and CEO of Roblox


Help Kids & Teens Get the Most Out of Their Holiday Game Time


The holidays are a peak time for kids and teens to play online games, which means it’s a great opportunity to spend time with them talking about what they enjoy most. Sure, having conversations about staying safe online is important—but it can be daunting at times and, dare I say, a bit boring. 

Instead, ask them to show you a few games they play and talk about how they work. Or, better yet, change it up this year and give the gamers in your life a challenge each day that can coincide with their game time. Playing together offers you a chance to check that they’re confident with managing anything they’re uncomfortable with online (for example, if they say someone getting bullied or scammed). 

Here are some ideas of fun (and educational) things they can do with you this holiday season.  

Roblox Holiday Challenge

  • Day One – Ask them to help someone reach a goal or overcome a challenge in their favorite game. 
  • Day Two –  Sit down together and check their privacy settings on Roblox. Are they switched on properly?
  • Day Three – Have them show their parents or grandparents their favorite game.
  • Day Four – Try something different. Is there a game they wouldn’t normally play? Give it a go!
  • Day Five – Digital downtime today. That’s right, try and have a day with no phones or computers!
  • Day Six – Have a conversation about what they would do if they saw someone being mean online. 
  • Day Seven – Is there a parent’s advice section for your kids’ or teens’ favorite apps or websites? Get them to find it and read it with you. 
  • Day Eight – Have a conversation about usernames and avatars. What do their choices say about them?
  • Day Nine – Do you have unique, strong passwords for the websites and apps you frequent the most? You should update them regularly, too. Use today as an opportunity to do so.  
  • Day Ten – Count how many connected devices there are in your home. Check to make sure they’re up-to-date and that they have firewalls and virus protection installed. 
  • Day Eleven – Set some time aside to play! Each family member should choose a game—online or offline—and invite everyone to play together. 
  • Day Twelve – Get them to pay someone a compliment in-game. Maybe they played well, or their avatar looks cool. It doesn’t really matter why; it’s just nice to be nice!

While we believe in the power of digital play, we also try and ensure a healthy balance of screen time and other activities. Have them play with a new toy, break out a board game, or go ice skating together. Set time limits for gaming or watching videos online and stick to them. This time of year is about spending time with our loved ones and having funa little bit of everything should work for the whole family.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season from Roblox!


5 Games for the Winter Holidays


Whether you’re busting through a polar vortex or spending your holidays on the beach, it’s always nice to have a little help getting into the spirit of winter. Even if you’re not a fan of holiday music or don’t want all the work of decorating, we’ve compiled a few games that’ll turn your world into a winter wonderland…without the need for an ice-scraper.  

When the snow starts falling, the first thing most people want to do is start building a snowman, right? Snowman Simulator is all about rolling enough snow to build up your snowman and have snowball fights with “evil” snowmen. The more snow you roll, the taller your snowman grows!

Hop on the chairlift and take in the surreal wintery sights of Ski Resort. I highly suggest bringing a friend along so you can both take in the view. Whether it be the lightly dusted trees or the snowmaking machines keeping the conditions perfect, it’s a dreamy mountain experience. End the day right by relaxing and trading stories at the bonfire!

Wouldn’t it be great to book a flight to Santa’s workshop? In Black Spruce Studio’s The North Pole, you get treated to an all-inclusive experience. You can make toys, decorate trees, sort letters, and possibly the most exciting part? REINDEER! The barn features a stall for every one of your favorite antlered friends (including Rudolph), where you can clean, feed, and spend some quality time chilling with Santa’s MVPs.

An endless snowstorm has cursed the land in Snow Shoveling Simulator, and it’s your job to keep the town from being buried underneath it all. You start out with your ordinary wooden shovel and you can work your way up to eventually owning a snowplow. The charming snowy landscape might be the perfect getaway for those of us who aren’t likely to see any snowflakes during the holidays. As a bonus? You get to stay dry and warm.

Ready to carve some pow? Shred takes place on a gorgeous mountain landscape where the more you play, the more tricks and abilities you learn. Along with that, you’re also given the opportunity to snag new boards that fit your personality and even the ability to design your own!

We hope you enjoy adding a little bit of winter magic to your gameplay this December and wish everyone a wonderful season and a happy new year! 


An Interview with Julia MineGirl


With such a vast and diverse lineup of games, Roblox provides so many opportunities for content creation, including YouTube videos. As users keep popping up around the globe, we continue to be entertained by the amazing personalities who broadcast their gameplay each and every day.

Recently we had the pleasure of chatting with one of the ten most-watched Roblox Video Stars, Julia MineGirl. We talked about what Roblox means to her and her home country of Brazil and also learned a little more about her wildly popular YouTube channel. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What got you into making Roblox videos?

Julia MineGirl: I’ve been playing games since I was very little. I used to watch my dad play his PlayStation 2 and fell in love with gaming. As a result, the PS2 was moved to my bedroom. This became my number one hobby, and some years later I received a laptop as a gift so I could play other kinds of games. And that’s how the Julia MineGirl channel was created; it’s the place where I always post the videos I make with my family: Cris MineGirl and Tex HS. I’ve found several new online games through the channel, and in 2015, I saw an ad for Roblox. That sparked my interest, and I’ve been playing ever since. The most amazing and inspiring thing to me is the variety of games available, thanks to the large community of game developers.

Do you remember which game really hooked you?

Julia MineGirl: When I first got into the Roblox platform, I couldn’t stop playing Pizza Place and Tiny Town. Nowadays, I love playing all kinds of games with my family.

You all seem to be having so much fun playing together! What is your favorite Roblox video that you’ve made so far?

Julia MineGirl: Family gaming is my favorite way to play. There are so many videos, but one of my favorites is where the Slenderman gives me a huge scare, it still makes me laugh. That video is called “RETORNO DA JULIA SLENDER” (Stop it, Slender! 2).

What types of Roblox games are your favorites to play? Are they different than the ones you like to film?

Julia MineGirl: They’re the same ones we record; usually minigames and roleplaying.

Roblox continues to grow in popularity around the world. What has that been like for Brazil?

Julia MineGirl: Roblox is indeed very popular, and it’s been growing very fast in Brazil. There are many different types of games on the platform, and it’s that variety that helps each player find their favorite games.

Watching your banter really brings a smile to our faces! We love your videos. What advice would you give to aspiring Roblox YouTubers?

Julia MineGirl: This is my tip: try to create your content with the games that you like. Look for games that will be fun for you and your viewers at the same time.

Which of your videos would you suggest to first-time viewers?

Julia MineGirl: I picked “10 MOMENTOS ENGRAÇADOS NO CANAL.” It’s a compilation of several gameplay moments from different videos.

Do you have any funny stories to share about your adventures with Roblox?

Julia MineGirl: Each time we play, it’s a unique experience. There is always something funny going on. For instance, one time we were playing SharkBite and the shark ate the whole boat, but we still went on sailing and spinning non-stop. I love when the unexpected happens; it’s always the most fun.

To stay up to date with all things Julia MineGirl, be sure to follow her on YouTube and Roblox!

Contem um pouco sobre vocês. O que inspirou vocês a fazer vídeos do Roblox?

Julia MineGirl: Eu jogo games desde muito pequena, pois sempre via o meu pai jogando no Playstation 2 e me apaixonei pelo mundo dos games. Resultado: o PS2 foi parar no meu quarto. Como esse era um dos meus hobbies favoritos, alguns anos depois ganhei um laptop para jogar outros tipos de games. Com isso, também veio a criação do Canal Julia Minegirl, onde sempre posto os meus vídeos com a participação da minha família: Cris minegirl e Tex HS. Através dessa oportunidade de descobrir novos jogos online, em 2015 acabei encontrando um anúncio da Roblox. Me interessei desde então e nunca mais deixei de jogar. O que acho mais incrível e que me inspira é essa variedade de games na plataforma, devido a grande comunidade de desenvolvedores de jogos.

Vocês se lembram qual foi o jogo que vocês não conseguiram parar de jogar?

Julia MineGirl: Assim que conheci a plataforma Roblox, os jogos que eu não parava de jogar eram Pizza Place e Tiny Town. Hoje em dia, eu gosto muito de jogar games variados com a minha família.

Parece que vocês se divertem muito jogando juntos! Qual foi o vídeo mais legal do Roblox que vocês fizeram até hoje?

Julia MineGirl: Realmente, as gameplays em família são as mais divertidas para mim. São muitos vídeos, mas um dos mais legais até hoje é um de Slender onde levei um enorme susto e hoje dou risada disso. O vídeo é ““RETORNO DA JULIA SLENDER” (Stop it, Slender! 2)”

Quais tipos de jogos do Roblox vocês mais gostam de jogar? Eles são diferentes dos jogos que vocês gostam de filmar?

Julia MineGirl: Os jogos que mais gostamos são os mesmos que filmamos, geralmente minigames e roleplay.

O Roblox não para de crescer no mundo todo. E no Brasil, como vocês veem isso?

Julia MineGirl: Roblox é mesmo muito popular, e também está crescendo muito no Brasil. A plataforma tem muitos tipos de jogos diferentes, e essa variedade faz com que cada player consiga encontrar seus jogos favoritos.

Adoro suas tiradas, eu morro de rir com vocês. Que dica de sucesso vocês dariam a quem quer ser um YouTuber Robloxiano?

Julia MineGirl: A minha dica é: procure produzir conteúdo com games que te agradam. Busque escolher os jogos que possam divertir você e a sua comunidade ao mesmo tempo.

Quais vídeos vocês sugerem para quem ainda não conhece os canais de vocês?

Julia MineGirl: Escolhi “10 MOMENTOS ENGRAÇADOS NO CANAL.” Esse é um vídeo compilado com momentos retirados de diversas gameplays.

Vocês têm alguma história engraçada sobre suas aventuras no Roblox?

Julia MineGirl: Cada vez que jogamos, é uma experiência única. Tem sempre algo engraçado acontecendo. Por exemplo, teve um dia que estávamos jogando SharkBite e o tubarão destruiu o barco todo, mas ainda continuamos navegando e girando sem parar. Adoro quando acontecem essas coisas inesperadas, são sempre as mais divertidas.


Soar and Explore in Dragon Adventures


Adopting a new pet is always rewarding, but when that pet has fire breath and a colossal wingspan, some of those rewards are big, shiny, gold coins. Treasure, excitement, and high-flying thrills are just some of the pet-owning perks you’ll enjoy in Dragon Adventures, an immersive dragon-riding experience by Sonar Studios.

Every adventure starts small, and so does every dragon: matter how fearsome it grows up to be, it begins as a little egg. It’s your job to nurture and protect your pet until it hatches into an adorable, bright-eyed shoulder-sitting companion.

But they sure don’t stay tiny forever. Feed your dragon with fruits grown in your base, take it on adventures, and protect its hide with your life. Before long it’ll grow just a little too big to carry on your shoulders. In fact, it’ll finally get a chance to repay the favor.

Climbing up onto your beast’s shoulders for the first time is an amazing experience. Soon you’re soaring, swooping, and scouring the heavens at speeds only a dragon can manage.

There are so many jaw-dropping worlds for you and your companion to explore, so much to see and do, that the adventures never have to end. Whether you’re in the tranquil grasslands or lush jungle or the dark and foreboding volcano, there’s always something new to see…and new dragon eggs to find.

If you’re ready to meet your first dragon, you can start your own Dragon Adventures now. Keep an eye out for the latest updates by following developer Erythia on Twitter!


Why Does My Child Get Frustrated Playing Games?


This blog post is part of an ongoing series about digital well-being and how play builds resilient online citizens…

Games are meant to be fun, right? Well, depending on the age of your child you may have seen them display behaviors that would seem at odds with it being “fun.” Shouting, throwing the controller down, even growling in frustration. Surely this can’t be healthy?

Playing games online is no different from playing in a park where kids will experience lots of different emotions during one play session. Most things with a competitive aspect can lead to brief feelings of anger, but also the desire to try harder next time, and to beat that opponent—think about the passion displayed by top sports people like Serena Williams and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

The important thing is to help your child manage those feelings. They are okay in short bursts, but it’s exhausting for any of us to live in a constant state of stress. Here are six things you can do to help your child keep their emotions in check:

1. While it’s tempting, don’t say things like “snap out of it,” or “stop getting so angry.” You wouldn’t be able to switch yourself off that easily, would you? Think about what strategies might work for your child and help them de-escalate their emotions. For example, counting backward from five or imagining sending the energy inside them out through their fingers.

2. If the game they are playing is highly competitive, perhaps suggest regular breaks or to swap it with other less intense games

3. Set limits on what is allowed. Every child is different, and for some, a quick flash of frustration when they lose a match is fine. However, if it goes on for a sustained period or happens every time they lose, this may need managing. Don’t wait for their anger to become problematic. 

4. Talk to them about appropriate games for their abilities. If they are playing games that are designed for more experienced players, it could be that they are trying to play something they just aren’t ready for. It’s also helpful to acknowledge that practice makes perfect—maybe let them get really good at a slightly more simple game with the promise that if they reach a certain standard, then they can start easing into the next level up. 

5. If other players are making them upset, help your child manage the situation. Is the other child being mean? Are they breaking the rules? Perhaps you can help your child develop some negotiation skills so they all have a better time playing together. 

6. As always, be a good role model for your kids and teens. If you fly off the handle every time you forget your password to your online banking, your kids might view that as an appropriate response too. 

Remember that all emotions are healthy and anger is natural. Providing your kids and teens with tools to recognize and then manage these emotions, to work through them and move on, will help form essential skills that will help them navigate both online and offline worlds.


5 Games to Get You in the Halloween Spirit


As the days get shorter and the air grows cooler, it’s almost impossible not to get into the Halloween spirit. Carving pumpkins, watching horror movies, and throwing costume parties may be staples of the holiday, but here at Roblox we like playing games that rank high on the scare factor too! Whether it’s surviving the zombie apocalypse or transforming during the full moon, we’ve compiled a list of five Roblox games that are essential for your All Hallows’ Eve festivities.

A Halloween list without zombies wouldn’t be a Halloween list at all. Zombie Rush provides wave after wave of undead action, as well as a slew of maps, each with a unique theme. Take down as many zombies as you can before you become part of the walking dead yourself.

Lycanthropy has never been such a blast. This charming, 19th century-inspired thriller places you in the role of either the werewolf, an innocent civilian, or the hunter. As the wolf, your job is to find each civilian and knock them out of the game, while as a civilian it’s all about staying out of sight. As you might imagine, the hunter’s sole purpose is to bring down the wolf. I personally failed hard at being the werewolf. Hiding is definitely my strong point…relatively speaking.

If you’re in the mood for a deep narrative with an edgy haunting atmosphere, Roses is your ticket. Take on the role of a guy trying to find his friend who is lost somewhere in an asylum that I can safely say doesn’t get high marks for bedside manners.

One of the ultimate team games gets a frightening makeover with Jack O’ Bot and his hoard of zombies! Tower Defense Simulator provides a methodical approach to gaming as you work to establish an impenetrable army to defend your base.

Not gonna lie. I spend a lot of my free time at Theme Park Heideland. As you might have expected, Heideland is providing the scares this October as well with their “Horror Nights” update. Make sure to check out the Ride To Hell rollercoaster, as well as my personal favorite, The Kraken. If the rides didn’t make you scream already, they surely will now!

I know I’ll be playing all of these games all month long, so I hope to see you around!


Super Striker League: Pitch Meets Battleground


If you’re looking for a sports game that combines the thrill of head-to-head competition with over-the-top mayhem, it might be time to lace up your cleats and get warmed up for some rock ‘em sock ‘em footy. In Super Striker League, referees need not apply.

Created by Cinder Studio, Super Striker League provides players with something that is both familiar and very different. At its roots, it’s an exciting soccer game with smooth passing/shooting mechanics and intense end-to-end action. One moment you might find yourself on a breakaway for goal; the next thing you know, an opponent is slide-tackling your ball and running it downfield. All of the familiar soccer mechanics are smooth and intuitive.
But before you’ve been playing very long, a few other details will catch your attention. One is the yellow power bar that slowly builds as you play. When it’s full, pressing the prompted button ignites you in a blaze of momentary invincibility. You’ll also notice green orbs that appear around the pitch at random times. These contain items that can give you an advantage. Some benefit you personally, such as lightning speed, while other items can be used as weapons against your opponent. It doesn’t get much better than slinging a boulder at a would-be goal scorer just in the nick of time!

Super Striker League also features several different arenas that have their own unique twists. For example, in the Ancient Egypt-inspired map, you deal with mummified pitch invaders who wreak havoc on both teams by getting in the way and attacking players. On the moon, rogue asteroids aim to impact your winning ways (pun intended). It’s action-packed insanity!
In addition to the in-match mechanics, there’s a customization system that allows you to upgrade your stats. The more you play, the better you and your teammates become. Nothing beats the feeling of blazing past the opposing defense and adding a little flair when you score a goal. 

Cinder Studio pulled out all the stops for Super Striker League. The stadiums are beautiful, the gameplay is smooth, and playing with friends and fellow gamers is beyond fun. This game is proof that it’s okay to let your imagination run completely wild sometimes. If you’re looking for something to quench your thirst for some competition, Super Strikers League is a blast…in more ways than one!
Make it over to the pitch before the next kickoff here and make sure to follow Cinder Studio for more updates.


National Cyber Security Awareness Month


Did you know October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? This is a great opportunity to remind our community of ways to keep themselves and other Robloxians safe online. 

We are aware that from time to time bad actors will try to hack Roblox accounts. To deter them, please choose strong passwords and NEVER share them with anyone—even if they’re a friend or they claim to be a Roblox admin or staff member. Roblox does not contact players directly, outside of messages sent to your account inbox from the official Roblox account. If someone calls, emails or messages you saying they are from Roblox, please don’t share any private information with them. Be wary of anyone who claims to work here, especially if they ask for your password, remote access to your computer or device, or ask you to go offsite; for example, to join a Discord server. 

If someone offers you free Robux, say no. This is a scam. They may also ask you to buy items or gift cards with a promise that they’ll pay you back. This is against our terms of service and you will most likely lose money. 

Be careful about trades that seem suspicious. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. You can find out more information about the rules of trading here.

Here are some general tips to help you off Roblox too:

  • Use strong passwords that contain a mix of letters, numbers, and characters.
  • Install updates on your apps and devices when prompted.
  • If you have firewalls or ad blockers, enable them.
  • Consider adding antivirus software.
  • Never click on attachments or links in emails from people you don’t know.

We want everyone to enjoy our platform, so if you suspect someone of breaking the rules or behaving in a harmful way, please report them to us. Together, we can make the community stronger and safer.