Buying Items in Roblox

Roblox players are spending robux money on items such as membership to the Builders Club, in order to customise their in-game character (known as an avatar) and to improve their time within the game.

Robux can be used to buy custom gear from the Roblox catalogue that your character can wear and special abilities that they can take into multiplayer battles. It can also be used to create groups, clans, and upload thumbnails for your Places. Once you have purchased an item with Robux you can also trade and sell it.

Changing Your Username- You have to spend Robux if you want to change your username in Roblox. It is pretty costly too if you want to change your username, which is why many people opt not to do this very often. It will cost you 1,000 Robux in order to change your username, which is pretty expensive when you think about it.

Upload Audio- In Roblox, you can use the Robux to upload your own audio. It is not very expensive either to upload audio. The price begins at 35 Robux and can go up much higher depending on the audio length. The shorter the audio clip, the less you will have to pay in the game.

Game Passes- One of the more common reasons to spend Robux in Roblox is to get game passes. You are able to get these game passes in various games found within the Roblox world itself. There are also developer products that you can get too, which will cost you varying amounts of Robux.

Models & Gears- You are able to get models and gears in Roblox if you are willing to spend the Robux. The prices vary depending on the gear items that you want or the models that you want. These are things you can purchase within the games themselves, which is why the cost is different depending on the game.

Create a Clan- If you are a group owner in Roblox, you can create your own clan by spending Robux. It will only cost 500 Robux in order to create your own clan. That is not too much money considering how important a clan can be in the gaming world. You must be a premium member and part of the Roblox Builders Club in order to create your own group. This means that you need to have the premium membership to create a clan since only the group owner can create the clan.

How To Spend Robux

Upload Image Thumbnails- For only 10 Robux, you can upload your own image thumbnail for your place. The image thumbnails are much cheaper than the video thumbnails, so you will see many more of those in Roblox due to the price difference. If you want to be unique, you can upload a video thumbnail, but it will cost you 500 Robux. So 10 Robux gives you the image thumbnail and 500 Robux gives you the video thumbnail.

Buy Catalog Items- There are many items in the catalogue that you can purchase using the Robux too. This does not include the free items though, so that is important to remember. The cost of the catalogue items will depend on which items you get. The better items will cost more, with the more common lower-end items costing the least amount of Robux. There are new items added often so check back regularly.

What to buy with Robux

Before you need to know about the ways on how to spend free Robux, it is important that you know first on how to earn it. Some of the ways on how to earn free Robux is by getting builder’s club. You can do this by purchasing builder’s club, wherein every day the members of builder’s club will earn certain amounts of Robux only for being at the club even though Robux each day depends on every Builder’s Club level. However, this option costs money.

Well, if it’s your very first time buying BC, then you would receive the additional one-hundred Robux only for purchasing it. TBC members will receive thirty-five Robux per day. Recently, Roblox have removed Tix, and making it difficult for the NBC players in getting Robux. Regular members will get fifteen Robux per day. Another way is by builder’s club. Purchase & sell collectables. Usually, buying collectable items needs that you have complete Robux available, and selling it needs Builder’s Club, then someone is willing enough to purchase the price that you have set.

In addition to that, you can also earn free Robux by playing. Unfortunately, it is quite tough and takes some time to obtain meaningful resources, but when you overcome it and play well the game, the reward is also great, because you can get the free Robux. Another method that you can do is by paying. Since you’re paying, then you wouldn’t spend so much time because resources are instantly loaded in your account. There’s a drawback in this method because you will spend more money.

The main goal is to obtain resources without any charges. There’s no need for you to pay even one coin, then you should get it within a short time possible. When you have already obtained free Robux, obviously you want to learn the ways on how you are going to spend them. Well, there are three ways on how to spend your Robux on Roblox; by fancy car, hats, and game passes imagination.


There are countless great Roblox items in the catalog, but the most impressive items are often worth thousands of Robux.

We’ve created this list specifically to help those with a smaller Robux balance to point out that there are still plenty of good items available for cheap, too.


We’ve included a variety of items from weapons to hats and scarfs and everything in between. Everything in this list is either 400 Robux or less.

There’s no particular order for this list, so make sure to take a look through all of the items to find your favorites.


Doge Hat

doge hat

Essentially what it says on the tin. This Doge Hat costs just 250 Robux and replaces your head with a 3D replica of the Doge meme.

There are a few varieties of this hat, such as the Doge bunny and Doge Santa hats, but they cost far more.

You can find the Doge hat here.


DarkAge Ninja Swordpack

darkage swordpack

This next item is quite impressive. Unfortunately, it’s just for show, but for 200 Robux you can’t go wrong.

This “swordpack” can sit on your back as a cosmetic accessory and it goes well with some of the other ninja themed items we have later in this list.

Find the DarkAge Ninja Swordpack here.

Hungry Dino Hat

hungry dino hat

The Hungry Dino Hat is very cute and sure to get the attention of other players in Roblox. The greatest thing about this hat is that it only costs 50 Robux. It’s an absolute steal.

Get the Hungry Dino Hat here.

Shark Knit Hat

shark knit hat

If you thought the Hungry Dino hat was a good price, you’ll be even more impressed with the Shark Knit Hat. It features a similar concept, but with a shark. This particular item only costs 15 Robux.

Get the Shark Knit Hat here.


penguin roblox package

Up next we have a full body package that will convert your character into a penguin. It’s the kind of item you’d expect to pay a lot for, but this particular penguin costume only costs 300 Robux. With a nice winter-themed hat to pair with it, you’ll stand out for sure.

Get the Penguin package here.

Shoulder Sloth

shoulder sloth roblox

This Shoulder Sloth is a very creative use of the backpack slot in Roblox. With this equipped, it will look like the sloth is clinging onto your back, holding his arms around your shoulders. This particular item costs 250 Robux.

Get the Shoulder Sloth here.

Mr. Robot

mr robot costume roblox

Another great full player conversion package here with this Mr. Robot item. At 75 Robux, this item is also far cheaper than other similar packages available in the Roblox catalog.

Get the Mr. Robot costume here.

Shoulder Shark Cat

shoulder shark cat

The shoulder accessory slot is a popular one for featuring pets and animals. This particular item takes it to another level by taking a pet dressed up as a shark, so it’s almost as if you get two animals for the price of one.

The Shoulder Shark Cat costs 200 Robux.

Find it here.

Ice Dragon Slayer

ice dragon slayer sword

With this next item, we’re moving away from clothing temporarily to showcase something slightly more dangerous. This Ice Dragon Slayer sword looks fantastic and it can be used in a variety of Roblox games, too.

You’ll have to pay 350 Robux for the Ice Dragon Slayer, but we think it’s well worth the price.

Get the Ice Dragon Slayer sword here.

Dragon’s Flame Sword

fire dragon sword roblox

What’s your preferred element? Fire or ice? If you’re more of a fire fan, then you might just like this flame sword over the ice one above. The sword looks just as impressive and has similar functionality.

This one is slightly more expensive, however, at 400 Robux.

Get the Dragon’s Flame Sword here.

Frying Pan

frying pan weapon roblox

Capable of taking down your opponents and cooking up a mean fry up. This item is also on the cheap side for a weapon at just 115 Robux.

Get the frying pan weapon here.

Bombo’s Bow and Arrow

bombos bow and arrow

Up next is the first ranged weapon for this list; A simple, yet deadly bow and arrow. This particular bow and arrow will cost 150 Robux, so it’s certainly on the cheaper side.

Get Bombo’s Bow and Arrow here.

Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light (Rental)

throwing star roblox

Check this out – this throwing star will go perfectly with that swordpack and it’s useful as a weapon, too. For just 15 Robux, you can rent this item out for 1 week.

Get the Silver Ninja Star rental here.

8-Bit Pumpkin Launcher

8bit pumpkin launcher roblox

If you can afford the 300 Robux price tag, this 8-bit pumpkin launcher will provide a lot of fun. This particular item can fire 8-bit pumpkins at your enemies. Even though it’s slightly more suited for the Halloween season, it’s still a good item that’ll turn heads throughout the year.

Get the 8-Bit Pumpkin Launcher here.

Future Crossbow

future crossbow roblox

The bow and arrow item we showcased above was quite nice, but if you’re after something fancier, you might prefer this Future Crossbow weapon. This crossbow will set you back 400 Robux, but for that you’ll get an item that’s both stylish and deadly.

Find the Future Crossbow here.

Dragon Egg Backpack

dragon egg backpack roblox

The Dragon Egg Backpack is a very exciting item. Not only does this backpack have a detailed 3D model, but it gives you a variety of extra features when you play Egg Hunt. This item also only costs 160 Robux.

Get the Dragon Egg Backpack here.

Braided Destiny of Cu Chulainn

shoulder pauldron cape roblox

Inspired by an Irish mythological hero, this epic cape is the stuff of legends. The cape itself has a nice pattern but the giant shoulder pauldrons are what will catch people’s attention the most.

You can get this cape for 200 Robux.

Find it here.

Ninja Assassin

ninja assassin roblox hat

Our final item is this incredible Ninja Assassin headpiece. You can conceal your face and it goes well with the throwing star and swordpack we listed earlier. This particular Ninja Assassin hat costs 350 Robux.

Get this hat here.


Thanks for taking a look at our list for the best Roblox items under 400 Robux! Hopefully, you’ve found an interest in at least a few of the items showcased above.

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