Roblox Gameplay Basics

[Applause] Big D stop mom so you know I know the truce is invalid hi guys welcome back to you we’re going to play roblox I’m Barbie basics I’ve never played this but Jake and I have well let’s go yep yeah so we are going to play all these basics in roblox no I don’t know how to play interesting you’re gonna be able to see my screen so here and then there’s mom [Applause] well we can always jump back in the game okay okay guys you probably some of you so okay so what’s happening is that Jake and I are together right now they’re going and finding all these notebooks and Tyus Baldy I have yet to find anybody but I found two notebooks so I’m just like collecting notebooks like boss [Music] Oh notebook okay I don’t know where did you fast to college you can find chocolate and I’m say you can pick up and use against Baldy you can yeah okay so that’s what okay so why is it all read somebody got some so mom and Jake are just running this game I’m chillin and like I’m thinking a suit again I don’t know what’s going on oh this is intense wait so it doesn’t matter you know what to collect no but something where you just got to get out right now do we do touch okay I see a lot of other people going his boat this way so I’m just gonna fall but proud you know well we need to meet up somewhere where do you want to meet Jake Jake and I are having some serious oh okay we didn’t win again no – Rafi going summertime 10 405 anyone all right yeah sure you play again yeah let me play it it’s totally I thought you don’t look straight back okay oh I’m collecting it ah okay that guy’s definitely got to speak for ow okay that’s area where am I okay now it’s on to those books it’s a wrap okay we’re bold Ian’s race racing at the time I’m going to the library because this seems like a good idea to meet noise no noise keep quiet in the library guys how do I get out but this is a not so good idea it’s pretty boring there’s an exit on the exit what if I want to exit let me you know you have to personally get all seven notebooks to win oh oh so if it turns right you have to keep getting the notebook oh so you can’t just escape and win yeah sure it how do we turn out of the chat I just talk word it well I’m collecting it here’s a shiny quarter here’s what shiny corner wait the wall for dodge I found in there the notebook the wallet just reappeared that’s crazy okay so and a shiny quarter Oh mr. B is literally jumped you guys short coats pretty good I don’t know where to go boldly just me and got tied I just thought I’m gonna get caught by Baldy Baldy okay nothing and I got six notebooks that you Scott go Jake I think my exit hopefully will come down this way and I get to you oh yeah I’m going to clip it so look first I can’t do what uh what’s going on with Jake is ready Jake is like Pro pro well this is a bug there’s bugs no teaching middle books gotta find the notebooks oh yeah who is who right now Oh students every momma used to get students to OneNote and is unit as well so we’re all students I found a notebook me too all right yes – no well mom is renting this game yeah yeah uh I might go out let’s go oh good time focus not to me [Music] 3:07 yeah two out of seven tie got eliminated by Baldy so it’s down to the three of us we won’t win Oh times back in I got fun notebooks I can jump okay let’s go how many times it’s a joke no love my time how much exercise ringing do cute Oh [Applause] [Music] there I got six notebooks he’s gonna probably win the game okay everybody’s my play time I’m just gonna chill until the game ends and someone’s gonna end hey guys I’m gonna become Baldy next round okay so this is the very last round I’m gonna try and beat Baldy but I don’t want spinning around I’m gonna beat this person look let’s go let’s go be Bobby oh my god Bobby know Tyler’s became it before you buy my ball so tires balding again but I said I’m just staring into baldies eyes huh hey you guys let’s all be honest truce so since you’re bendy and ties Bobby we can just win yeah let’s do it let’s break this game bring it let’s do it okay everybody else tight don’t come after us okay I see no tie dogs don’t get bathra scissors nine seconds eight three two I guess scissors yay so if I get way that’s like yeah so this is basically if playtime comes up to you you can use scissors to cut the rope oh my gosh it’s the drummer boy [Music] but got one notebook guys are making progress my family in the lead like a boss no okay you know are you stuck in a bear trap I set their traps old now zero people have two notebooks I gently with a time that also being pushed fence wisher oh my gosh toons balding run run what is this everyone the person that does a bear crap yes please don’t get me please why they’re doing so slow now let’s go fruity why can’t move this I’m like walking so do your traps I’m what that’s annoying to me well you know just be walking that way yeah yeah it’s not oh it’s you guys I’m just gonna get 7 plus trees I’m stepmonster I was like 4 come on what country I should know to never trust my brothers they are going to turn their back on me in any game I swear do you okay guys do not come after us it’s the truce okay yeah you see us we be in a truce okay um you got it Jake tight we’re gonna truth right mom so you know I know the trance is invalid that’s why I got to people know there’s so many traps I feel like Jake’s in it oh my gosh there’s Jake goes the other way boy go the other way don’t stay in that closet room stay in school I’m just gonna stay next to the drummer boy but no I can’t place any more down ah the boys are completely cut they’re like coming out for me I’m so scared [Applause] [Applause] okay mom is on the breath of the boy and play along so we all lost again except I guess Jake and I already so that is it for this video if you want to see more of roblox what should we play in roblox we have fun playing with you guys sorry if we don’t chat too much mother when life is stressful yeah people and chat and do all that I Lauren Plains yeah but we love playing with you comment down below what you want us to play next in roblox thank you guys for watching make sure to LIKE subscribe and share and make today an adventure we’ll see y’all next time [Applause] [Music]

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